We met Mike when he was holding an open house for another property in the area. He was friendly and warm and invited connection with visitors without being pushy. Because we didn’t know too many other realtors in the area, and we liked his vibe and he had good reviews, we decided to ask him to be our buying agent for a house purchase in Newport Beach. In retrospect, we feel very lucky that we met him and asked him to be our agent. He was thoroughly professional from beginning to end. Always friendly but also effective, he has the perfect blend of can-do optimism with effective execution. Anytime we had questions about how to approach some aspect of the buying process, Mike was thoughtful in his response and helped to guide us effectively through what can often be a competitive, intimidating, and intense process. For example, on the house we wanted to buy, there were two other competing offers on the house within 2 days of the house being listed. We had to figure out how to set our offer apart and be the winning offer. Mike helped us to come up with a strategy that was nuanced yet effective and ultimately won the sellers over. But he also helped us to avoid buyer’s remorse due to overbidding. With his steady emotional guidance, he was able to get us through each phase of the purchase smoothly, from inspection to release of contingencies, to delay of loan approval, to clean up, and move-in. We view Mike as a friend now and will ask him to be our agent in any further transactions we do in the area.

The Smiths